2024 a2ru National Conference

2024 a2ru National Conference
“Generate | Integrate: Technology, the Arts, and Design”
November 14-16
Rochester Institute of Technology


As an a2ru member institution, UGA students, faculty, and staff are eligible for discounted registration.

Join us for this year’s gathering of the a2ru community and learn about the latest in arts-integrative teaching, research and practice!

Technology, in its many evolving forms, has always played a significant role in the arts and design, impacting both process and product. At RIT, this year’s conference host, the university’s T/A\D (Technology/The Arts\Design) initiative positions the intersection of these fields as “the meaningful partnership of diverse ways of thinking, exploring, and making to address complex contemporary problems, advance knowledge, and pursue joy and wonder.” The three major thematic areas of the T/A\D initiative are “Solving humanity’s complex problems,” “Storytelling through enhanced realities,” and “Exploring new grounds in visual communication and imaging.”

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Creativity and Collaboration

Creativity and Collaboration
Fall 2024 GradFIRST Seminar


Open to first-year graduate students

Creativity and collaboration are fundamental to addressing today’s socio-environmental challenges. This seminar will include arts-based, STEM-friendly activities developed by UGA researchers from the arts, humanities, and sciences designed to help students to think creatively, to collaborate across disciplines, and to work with people with different perspectives, knowledge, and values. It will be an engaging and fun way to enhance the creativity that you bring to your own graduate work and your capacity to effectively participate in collaborative teams.

Facilitator: Mark Callahan (UGA Arts Collaborative)

3-3:50 PM

Organoids project earns awards

Congratulations to the Organoid project team, recipients of multiple awards to continue their collaborative research.

Project leader Nadja Keltner received an NSF CAREER grant for multi-year support of engineering next-generation adrenal gland organoids with arts-integrated methods.


Graduate assistant Christina James received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a five-year award to help ensure the quality, vitality, and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States.


The project was awarded one of five Franklin College Rapid Interdisciplinary Proposal grants, responding to the need for new paradigms that shape future research, life-long learning, public discourse, service, and dynamic entrepreneurship.


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Reading Room: SNAAP Report

Arts and Design Alumni Employment and Perspectives on Their Work and Careers

The upheavals of the last few years within higher education and the labor force have catalyzed leaders in arts and design postsecondary education to question assumptions within their institutions about “what it means to be embarking on a career and life” in arts and design today (Novak-Leonard, Dempster, Scotto Adams, & Walters, 2022, p. 9). Ultimately, the questions being raised seek to better understand what constitutes “success” for alumni and who is determining those terms of success in the current, evolving contexts of education and work.

Rescue: Waste and Redemption

Rescue: Waste and Redemption
April 6 to June 15
Lyndon House Arts Center


Artist Reception and Curator Talk, Tuesday, April 9 at 6 PM

Rescue Fashion Event: Thursday, May 23 at 6 PM

Rescue: Waste and Redemption exhibition is guest curated by Lizzie Zucker Saltz. This group exhibit was a call for submissions in which Saltz selected 22 artists from 90 submissions. Artists included consider the transformation of industrial byproducts into artworks or craft objects thus creating artworks that save materials from the landfill or rescue raw materials from the fate of becoming environmental pollutants.

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