Specters of the Outer Spaces

Specters of the Outer Spaces Premiere
Saturday May 1 at 7 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art, Room S151

Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE) presents a film by Marie Porterfield: Specters of the Outer Spaces. The film stars Viviana Chavez and Carole Kaboya with original music by Basil Carter and David Mitchell, philosophy and poetry by Joey Carter and Samuel Barry, and features a multitude of other collaborators from Athens and beyond.

Beings called Specters from the outer spaces explore the earth. Although they are invisible to most humans, a girl of extraordinary vision, “the Believer”, is able to see one of the Specters. The pair embark on voyage of discovery and wonder. Based on the philosophical aspects of astrobiology, phenomenology and religion, Specters of the Outer Spaces addresses the incredible importance of the human belief in the unseen.

Formal attire optional.