2008-2009 ICE Grant Awards

Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE) is pleased to announce the awards from the 2008-2009 ICE Grants call for proposals. The awards reflect a range of emerging interests in the arts at UGA, including projects that experiment with technology, involve collaboration across disciplines, and develop innovative methodological approaches. ICE will support the new projects through various stages of development with funding from the Office of the Vice President for Research (OVPR).

Sound Imaging: Sonar and Art
R. G. Brown III
Associate Professor, Lamar Dodd School of Art

Sound Imaging represents a collaboration between artists and scientists who have a mutual interest in using Side Scan Sonar in their research. UGA professor R.G. Brown will work with scientists in the Georgia Department of Natural Resources to image works of art placed in aquatic environments. The project will investigate new approaches to data visualization and processing, extending Professor Brown’s collaborative research with the UGA Center for Remote Sensing and Mapping Services.

Meat Out of the Eater
Jordan Dalton
Honors Interdisciplinary Studies candidate

Meat Out of the Eater will be developed collaboratively by Jordan Dalton, an undergraduate combining Computer Science, Digital Media and Creative Writing in an Honors Interdisciplinary Studies degree, Lara Glenum, a poet and PhD candidate in Creative Writing, Cal Clements, an instructor in Comparative Literature and director of the Forest Theater of Pure Form, and Mia Mäkilä, a Swedish painter. The work is based around Glenum’s hybrid poem-play entitled Maximum Gaga, that will be expanded to become a multimedia live performance.

The Visible Human
Rebecca Gose Enghauser
Associate Professor, Dance

The Visible Human brings artists from modern dance, performance poetry, music, and visual art together to create a work about family, loss, and the complexity of relationships. The title originates from the National Library of Medicine’s effort to create complete, detailed representations of the human body using cadaver cross-sections. In this project the systems and mysteries of the body will be the foundation for stories, music, and movement that unfold through performance.

Studio 401: Translating Media
Daniel Osborne
BFA candidate, Lamar Dodd School of Art

Studio 401 proposes a simultaneous performance to take place in Athens and Atlanta, created by a team of artists from UGA and Georgia State University. The title represents the sum of highways 85 and 316 connecting the two cities. The project is structured around a series of experiments that use live measurements of brain activity and biofeedback from some participants to affect the actions of others, mixing drawing, sound, poetry, and dance.

Edward Whelan
BFA candidate, Lamar Dodd School of Art

Fahrenheit is a multimedia musical work derived from themes found in Ray Bradbury’s science-fiction novel, Fahrenheit 451. The project will feature collaboration between members of the department of Theatre and Film Studies, Lamar Dodd School of Art, Hugh Hodgson School of Music, and musicians from Athens and beyond. The project will result in a work that features live video mixing, readings, and a full band performance.

Cultural Drag: The Linguisitic and Cultural Performance of Non-Native Teachers of Spanish
Jennifer Wooten
Doctoral candidate, Language and Literacy Education

Cultural Drag is the collaborative effort of Jennifer Wooten, a doctoral candidate in Language and Literacy Education, and Amy Roeder, an MFA candidate in Theatre and Film Studies, under the direction of Dr. Melisa Cahnmann-Taylor, Associate Professor in the College of Education. The project uses performance as theory, method of data collection, and mode of representation to represent how non-native teachers of Spanish in Georgia high schools and universities construct and perform their second language identities and how such identities destabilize assumptions in the field of language education.