a2ru 2018 National Conference Special Projects

Ideas for Creative Exploration and the Willson Center for Humanities are pleased to announce the recipients of projects grants to support UGA student work featured in the a2ru 2018 National Conference.

Feed the Fish: Engaging the Campus Community in Reducing Plastic Waste in Campus Waterways
Sam Cherof and Lindy Erkes

For more about Feed the Fish visit https://sustainability.uga.edu/feedthefish/

Press: Feed the Fish embodies a movement toward collaboration with sustainability and the art

Imagination Squared: Pathways to Resilience 
Christina Foard

For more about Imagination Squared visit https://imaginationsquared.org

Press: Imagination Squared: A community conversation about resilience

Amazonian Arts: The Aesthetics of Traditional Ecological Knowledge
Louisiana Lightsey

Utilizing film as an art-as-research method, this short digital mosaic incorporates visual anthropology, multispecies representation, and sensory ethnography in order to train attention on the biotic and abiotic minutiae of dwelling in the Ecuadorian Amazon. Based on preliminary fieldwork, the camera travels alongside Kichwa, Achuar, and Waorani indigenous people as they garden, forage, tell stories, sing songs, and navigate forest paths and riverways. But instead of positioning the human as the central agent in human-nature relationality, the focus is on the colors, textures, movements, shapes, and sounds which animate a pluriverse of interconnected lifeworlds and configure an aesthetic of cultural and ecological resilience.