A collection of experimental sound from Athens, Georgia, presented in a limited-edition CD package, available at 

The project features 18 audio tracks by various artists associated with the famed Athens independent music scene. Designed by graduate students in the Lamar Dodd School of Art, the packaging is entirely hand printed and assembled using archival materials.

AUX was developed over three years with the support of ICE. Curators JoE Silva, Heather McIntosh, and Steven Trimmer selected a range of artists for the project, representing diverse means of production and approaches to sound.

The AUX Web site was developed by John Crowe with the support of a Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) Summer Fellowship.

Featured Artists
Paul Thomas
Chronicle Ape and the New Sound
Sarah Black
Korena Pang
W. Cullen Hart
Heather McIntosh
Make Out Music for Insects
Blake Helton and Colin Bragg
Desk Pussy
Mark Fisher
Hannah Jones
Matt Williams
The Leapyear
Pelican City
Manipulated Sound Source 

Design Team
Danielle Benson
Amanda Burk
Stephanie Dotson
Audrey Molinare