AUX 5 Experimental Arts Festival
Saturday May 7, 2011
Little Kings and Ciné, downtown Athens

2 PM – 2 AM
Tickets: $5

2:45 PM Little Kings, Courtyard
Improvised Dance Study
Dancers: Anna Bracewell, Toi Brown, Allison Gantz, Chryssy Oseni, and Amelia Reiser
Musicians: John Fernandes and Heather McIntosh

3:00 Little Kings, Courtyard
Pocketful of Claptonite Big Band

3:30 Little Kings, Inside
The Nice Machine

4:00 Little Kings, Courtyard
Hidden Noise Ensemble

4:15 Little Kings, Courtyard
This or That, a Simple Dance
Laura Hoffman and Lisa Yaconelli

4:30 Little Kings, Inside

5:00 LIttle Kings, Inside
Trash Raft

5:30 Little Kings, Courtyard
Michael Guthrie

5:45 Little Kings, Courtyard
Merlin Olsen Twins

6:00 Little Kings, Inside
The Master’s Request

6:30 Little Kings, Courtyard
Throne Room

7:00 Little Kings, Inside
Now Yes

7:30 Little Kings, Courtyard
Crow’s Feet

7:45 Little Kings, Courtyard
Green Thrift Grocery

8:00 Little Kings, Inside
Nevada Gas Trio

8:30 Little Kings, Courtyard

9:00 Little Kings, Inside

9:30 Ciné
Demonstration of the Teletron Mind Controller for SynthesizerRobert Schneider and Colleagues

10:00 Little Kings, Inside

10:15 Little Kings, Inside

10:30 Ciné
Andrew Raffo Dewar

11:00 Little Kings, Inside
Raw Ass Temple

11:30 Ciné

11:45 Ciné
Abandon the Earth Mission

12:00 AM Little Kings, Inside
The Flash Card Orchestra

12:30 Ciné
Grape Soda

Outdoor Installations
Little Kings, Courtyard

The Visitations
Dixie Blood Mustache
The Magic Tape Cube, brought to you by Magic Tape Research
C.D. Howe

Video Screenings
3:30, 7:30, and 11:30 at Ciné

Mallory Baxley
Julian Bozeman
Virginia Broyles
RG Brown III
Dwayne Butcher
Daniel Cellucci
Dickie Cox
Matt Glass
Alessandra Hoshor
Mike Krzyzaniak
Cobra McVey
Elizabeth Owen
Robert August Peterson
Justin Plakas
Amelia Reiser
Peter Russell
Seth Nicholas Stephens
Whistling School for Boys
Mary Willoughby

Music, Dance, Art, Video and more!

Sponsored by Little Kings, Ciné, Vision Video, Nuçi’s Space, Portapro Portable Productions, Transmetropolitan, Flagpole, and Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE).