AUX Vol. 2

AUX Vol. 2 is a collection of experimental sound curated by Heather McIntosh in a limited edition of 250 hand-printed packages designed by Joshua Ray Stephens and printed by David Savino. It features 17 previously unreleased tracks by artists from Athens and beyond and an original poem by Jeff Fallis.

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Artists included on the CD: Derek Almstead, Visitations, Hannah Jones, Orthopedics, The Olivia Tremor Control, Jessica Pavone, Mary Halvorson, Killick, Jay Nackashi, feltbattery, Dave McDonnell, Our New Silence, mohtzégorf, Spider Veins, Jeremiah Cymerman, Nate Wooley, Christopher Hoffman, Aaron Siegel, Melted Men, horaflora, and Dark Meat.