Caroline Woolard

Torrance Festival of Ideas
April 19-21

The Torrance Festival of Ideas is a free annual online educational and cultural event where renowned experts from across disciplines present their innovative ideas to the general public.

The 2022 Torrance Festival of Ideas showcases unique perspectives on a range of topics including creativity, entrepreneurship, innovation, aesthetics, flow, imagination, emotions, motivation, AI, digital art, music, literature, wellbeing, community health, mental health, sociocultural engagement, childhood, aging, equality, identity, political resistance, and social change.

Caroline Woolard Talk
Wednesday, April 20 at 2 PM

The Cultural Economy We Want —> or —> You Don’t Have to Be a Starving Artist or a Sellout

In this interview, Caroline Woolard of will present ways that artists are working together to build communities and economies that resist exploitation and foster collective action. Did you know work can be joyful and pay the bills, with culture at the center of economic innovation? When artists organize together (across issue-areas), we can win and co-create tailored tools of support, including paid training programs, solidarity financial vehicles like non-extractive loans, and policy platforms in what is known as the Solidarity Economy movement.

Interview Panel:

Meredith Emery
Annie Simpson
Mark Callahan

Caroline Woolard is the Director of Research and Programs at Open Collective Foundation, an Assistant Professor at Pratt, and co-organizer of with Nati Linares and Marina Lopez. Since the financial crisis of 2007-8, Woolard has catalyzed barter communities, minted local currencies, founded an arts-policy think tank, and created sculptural interventions in office spaces. Woolard is the co-author of three books: Making and Being (Pioneer Works, 2019), a book for educators about interdisciplinary collaboration, co-authored with Susan Jahoda; Art, Engagement, Economy (onomatopee, 2020) a book about managing socially-engaged and public art projects; and TRADE SCHOOL: 2009-2019, a book about peer learning that Woolard catalyzed in thirty cities internationally over a decade. Woolard’s work has been featured twice on New York Close Up (2014, 2016), a digital film series produced by Art21 and broadcast on PBS. For more visit


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Making and Being

Art, Engagement, Economy