Celebrating Campus Leaders during National Entrepreneurship Month


November 7, 2014
US Office of Science and Technology Policy
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Celebrating Campus Leaders during National Entrepreneurship Month
By Doug Rand

Greg Wilson, University of Georgia

“This past year, my goal has been to increase the entrepreneurship and innovation culture on campus by breaking down silos and bringing students from all backgrounds together. My most successful venture thus far has been the development of a design challenge event. “Thinc-a-thon,” inspired by famous design firm IDEO, brings together students from all disciplines (including engineering, computer science, art, design, and business) for the purpose of creating a new project or business. Our next event, “Design + Food,” will be the first to make use of the Science Library makerspace that I helped develop with the Vice President for Research and the Director of University Libraries. I also assisted in developing a Student Council for Economic Engagement to raise awareness to entrepreneurship initiatives on campus.”

Thinc-a-Thon was supported by an ICE Project Grant.