Creating the Conditions for Creativity

Creating the Conditions for Creativity
Torrance Festival of Ideas online event
Tuesday, April 18 at 2 PM


The demand for creative thinking and innovative problem-solving has never been higher, in business, in classrooms, and across our rapidly changing planet. This panel will explore the neuro-cognitive data on how creativity can be shaped by different spaces, from the height of our office ceilings to the design of VR and other digital spaces with which we interact, and how this impacts our cognitive agility for adapting to the future.


Guest speaker: Pireeni Sundaralingam, Neuro-Resilience Consulting

Elizabeth King, Ecology/Forestry

Mark Callahan, UGA Arts Collaborative

Host: Anna Abraham, Torrance Center

Pireeni Sundaralingam has conducted cognitive research at M.I.T and Oxford as well as leading the research program at Silicon Valley’s Center for Humane Technology. As Principal Advisor on Human Potential at the United Nations Museum, she spearheaded strategy on behavior change around key global challenges, and is currently Interdisciplinary Catalyst at Oxford University’s oldest college, as well as founder and CEO of Neuro-Resilience Consulting.