Emerging Creatives Student Summit

a2ru Emerging Creatives Student Summit
March 14-17, 2024


As a member institution of the Alliance for the Arts in Research Universities (a2ru), UGA may nominate up to four student representatives. Please contact mark.callahan@uga.edu for more information about how to participate.

The 2024 Emerging Creatives Student Summit, “PLAY: The Impact of Play on How We Create and Relate to the World.” will be hosted at Rochester Institute of Technology on March 14-17. How are we–our mindsets, our approaches, our whole selves–different when we are at play? What do the structures and assumptions of board games, or team sports, or role-playing games imply about who we are, how we think, and how we relate to others? What about the world of unstructured play–of just “messing around”?

This year’s Emerging Creatives Student Summit on the theme of “Play” will bring together students from across the a2ru network to explore how these questions and more inform our interdisciplinary and collaborative work. The Rochester Institute of Technology will host Emerging Creatives at its Student Hall for Exploration and Development (SHED), a brand-new space that provides flexible spaces for technology, art, and design under one roof.

In the SHED’s cutting-edge facilities, attendees will work in interdisciplinary teams with fellow students from across the a2ru network to create arts-integrative projects responding to the conference theme. Participants will receive training from a2ru staff on best practices for interdisciplinary collaboration, as well as mentorship and feedback from network faculty on their projects in progress. The four-day summit will conclude with presentations of each team’s project for peers and mentors.

Students nominated for Emerging Creatives can apply for funding to defray the costs of attending the Summit through one of two programs: the a2ru Student Travel Grants (providing up to $250 in support) or the a2ru Scholar Awards (providing up to $1000 in support). The deadline to apply for funding is December 22.