ICE Collab 3

ICE Collab_3 has three main components:

1. A presentation and public lecture by Steve Dietz, Director of New Media Initiatives at the Walker Art Center. Steve Dietz has played a seminal role as a curator of digital culture, from the founding of the Digital Arts Study Collection at the Walker in 1998 to the upcoming exhibition “Vectors: Digital Art of Our Time”, marking the tenth anniversary of the New York Digital Salon to which he also contributed an essay entitled “Ten Dreams of Technology”.

2. Informal presentations and roundtable discussions featuring UGA students, faculty and local practitioners. Topics include emerging technologies, current works in progress, web standards, usability, aesthetics, open source movements, collaborative filtering and speculation!

3. Temporary Media Lab. ICE Collab_3 participants can work together to create impromptu Web content that tracks and represents the discussions that ensue over the 3 days of the workshop.


Projects from Gallery 9
Steve Dietz, Director of New Media Initiatives, Walker Art Center

Gallery 9 is a site for project-driven exploration, through digitally-based media, of all things “cyber.” This includes artist commissions, interface experiments, exhibitions, community discussion, a study collection, hyperessays, filtered links, lectures and other guerilla raids into real space, and collaborations with other entities (both internal and external). 

Web Standards: Usability and Aesthetics
Tom Cona and Mark Callahan

Tom Cona teaches Web design at the New Media Institute. Mark Callahan teaches Web design at the Lamar Dodd School of Art. Tom and Mark will each discuss their top five considerations for approaching Web design and face off on usability, aesthetics and web standards.

eco-log: ICE Project in Progress
Kate Ross, Tom Black and eco-log participants

eco-log is a collaborative arts project between artists and community members that explores local ecology and the issue of urban sprawl. Kate Ross and Tom Black will show how they are integrating digital technology in this exciting new multimedia project.

Performance and Technology: Virtual Vaudeville
David Z Saltz

David Z Saltz, a Professor of Drama at UGA, will present a collaborative work in progress that uses computer gaming and motion capture technologies to recreate the experience of attending a live theatrical performance from the past. Conceptual Site Development
Joe Willey, Mark Callahan and ICE Collab 1 participants

An overview of the ICE Web site and how it developed from concept to a dynamic code-driven site integrating Flash, XML, PHP and MySQL.

Digital Media Projects
Students from the Digital Media area of the Lamar Dodd School of Art will show works.