ICE Collaboration Opportunity

Communion is a collaborative work uniting technology and the performing arts.

Ji Eun Moon is a grduate student in the Doctoral program in music composition and piano performance at UGA. She is looking for other artists that explore or utilize improvisation in their work.

Five guest speakers are needed to present and discuss how they utilize improvisation as a creative tool.

Communion will be presented in a symposium atmosphere, divided into two sections: workshop and performance. This project will present and create improvisational artwork through the collaborative efforts of musicians, dancers, multimedia and the visual arts. Improvisational techniques in dance, film, music, and lighting will be utilized on stage and projected in variety of media. All improvisational techniques will be directed and decided by the random rolling dice.

Moon hopes the attendees, presenters and performers will utilize this platform to explore and reveal the often overlooked or underutilized act of artistic collaboration.

If you would like to become involved with Communion, please contact:

Ji Eun Moon
D.M.A Candidate in Music Composition
ICE Graduate Research Assistant