ICE Grant Announcement

ICE is pleased to announce the award of a Project Development Grant to “Violet and the Gordian Unknot: A short animated film about knots”.

The project is to create a fun animated short film about knots and knot tightening, starring an inventive little girl who manages to tie a very special knot in her shoelace and a mathematically inclined snake named Colin who helps her understand knot theory. The movie will be a combination of the new knot tightening animations developed by a research group in the Department of Mathematics over the past few years with new character animation developed in collaboration with a team from the animation program in the Department of Theatre and Film Studies. ICE will support development of the project and an application to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for support to employ student animators and provide travel funds for the team to attend festival showings of the film and give associated math talks.


Jason Cantarella, lead applicant
Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

Geometry VIGRE research group

Matt Mastin
Whitney George
Michael Berglund
Al LaPointe
Ellie Dannenberg
Jacob Rooney

Theatre and Film Studies

Josh Marsh
Alliene Bouchard
Jamie Sichel
Heather Byrd
Katie Robert
Scott Higgs