ICE Grant Announcement

ICE is pleased to announce the award of a Project Development Grant to “Our New Silence”.

The collaborative music project remixes, reinterprets, and incorporates traditional Indonesian music to create new music compositions. The traditional recordings used are from the Javasounds music series recorded by Kai Riedl. Over the past two years, Riedl has provided select local and UGA musicians with carefully prepared segments of traditional Indonesian music, leading to new musical compositions for a variety of performances on the UGA campus and around Athens. These compositions represented the variety of musical perspectives — ranging from pop music to highly experimental sound design — found amongst the wealth of creativity in the UGA and the Athens communities, offering an inventive cross-cultural musical dialogue. ICE will support development of the project and an application for a MAP Fund grant.

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Kai Riedl, lead applicant
Instructor, Department of Religion

Jean Kidula
Associate Professor, Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Various artists from the Athens and Indonesia