ICE Seminar: Gaming


ICE Seminar: Gaming
Tuesday, September 22
5:00 PM
Hugh Hodgson School Of Music
Dancz Hall, Room 246

Art, music, and theatre come together in the world of game development.

Casey O’Donnell has worked as a software engineer and project manager both in and out of the videogame industry.  He is currently the Athens Chapter President of the Georgia Game Developers Association.

John Kundert-Gibbs specializes in 3D computer modeling and animation, sound and media design, and dramatic writing and playwrights.  He is a professor of Theatre and Film Studies.

Brion Kennedy is a co-founder of Audio Aggregate and a member of Bit Brigade, a band that plays the soundtracks to classic Nintendo games while a gamer beats the game from start to finish.

Free and open to the public.