ICE-Vision: Blood and Black Lace

ICE-Vision: Blood and Black Lace (Mario Bava, 1964)
Thursday, November 3 at 8 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

Film Studies major Will Stephenson continues ICE’s informal weekly series, selecting a variety of world cinema classics and subcultural curiosities.

“Of all of the giallo that Mario Bava directed in his early career, Blood and Black Lace stands out for several reasons. As usual, Bava, a genre filmmaker that was as talented as he was prolific, uses lurid lighting cues and baroque sets to create an otherworldly atmosphere of anticipatory dread. His camera was never as lithe as it was in Blood and Black Lace: Tracking shots whisk us around mannequins, octagonal mirrors, and five-candle candelabras, and usher us through doors adorned with red velvet drapes . . . Bava proves why he’s the best Italian horror filmmaker of them all.” -Slant Magazine