ICE-Vision: Down by Law


ICE-Vision: Down by Law (Jarmusch, 1986)
Tuesday, February 25 at 6 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

ICE-Vision continues with Film Studies and English major Dafna Kaufman’s selections of great films that may be forgotten by the general public, but can be remembered and cherished through viewings today.

Down by Law, Jim Jarmusch’s 1986 indie classic, centers around the arrest of three men. These three men all share a jail cell and become unlikely companions. With quirky characters and a hilarious plot, Jarmusch creates a truly original and witty American tale. Vincent Canby of the New York Times wrote, “‘Down by Law’ is a fable of poetic density. It’s so much of a piece that it’s not easy to separate and identify the components that make the movie what it is.” Down by Law may appear to be a light, romp of a movie based on its plot, yet its cinematography and performances elevate it to a higher class of film.