ICE-Vision: Rumble Fish


ICE-Vision: Rumble Fish (Coppola, 1983)
Thursday, September 18 at 6 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

ICE-Vision continues with Film Studies and English major Dafna Kaufman’s selections of great films that may be forgotten by the general public, but can be remembered and cherished through viewings today.

Based on the S.E. Hinton novel, Rumble Fish follows the lives of two brothers, Rusty James (Matt Dillon) and The Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Rourke). Roger Ebert wrote, “Rumble Fish gives you emotions, looks and sounds rather than story; afterwards, you feel like you’ve seen a gang movie, but you’re not sure which one…I thought Rumble Fish was offbeat, daring, and utterly original.” With direction from Francis Ford Coppola and beautiful cinematography by Stephen Burum, Rumble Fish tells a simple tale in an engaging and mysterious fashion.