ICE-Vision: Tenebre

ICE-Vision: Tenebre (Dario Argento, 1982)
Thursday, November 11 at 8 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

Film Studies major Will Stephenson continues ICE’s informal weekly series, selecting a variety of world cinema classics and subcultural curiosities.

“Tenebre (a.k.a., Unsane, 1982) is among Argento’s giallo masterpieces, the self-reflexive story of an American author (Anthony Franciosa) who travels to Rome to promote his latest mystery thriller (also called Tenebre). When a strange string of murders rock the city, and the author begins receiving threats, he takes it upon himself to do a little investigating… Sensational gore abounds, along with the usual string of disconcerting set pieces (vicious dogs, murky childhood memories, overly stylized wardrobes and interiors). Creepy additional note: more often than not in an Argento film, when you see the murderer’s hands, it is the director himself wearing the gloves.” -GreenCine