ICE-Vision: The War Room


ICE-Vision: The War Room (Pennebaker, 1993)
Tuesday, April 8 at 6 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

ICE-Vision continues with Film Studies and English major Dafna Kaufman’s selections of great films that may be forgotten by the general public, but can be remembered and cherished through viewings today.

The 1993 documentary, The War Room, combines politics and comedy in an examination of Bill Clinton’s 1992 campaign for presidency. The film focuses on his head advisors James Carville and George Stephanopoulos. Their completely different approaches to politics and quirky personalities enhance the film’s already interesting premise. Directed by one of the most influential documentarians, D.A Pennebaker (Don’t Look Back, Primary, Monterey Pop), The War Room shows us the inside of a real political campaign, along with the hijinks and silliness that naturally comes along with such an event. ​