ICE-Vision: Wizards

ICE-Vision: Wizards (Ralph Bakshi, 1977)
Thursday, January 21 8 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

Film Studies major Will Stephenson continues ICE’s informal weekly series, selecting a variety of world cinema classics and subcultural curiosities.

“Fiercely indie animator Ralph Bakshi made more coherent films than Wizards, and he made more whacked-out, phantasmagorical ones. But none have been so wildly, weirdly ambitious as Wizards, which he’s described as a personal movie about the formation of Israel and the rise of fascism, but which takes the form of a dark, sloppy fairy tale pitting elves and fairies against Nazi propaganda…an unforgettably original film that’s slyly sour and cynical about fantasy tropes. The ending is a classic piece of bitter shock cinema.” -AV Club