Mini Grants Fall 2022

Idea Lab Mini Grants support new creative interdisciplinary projects with mentorship and funding. Collaborative teams must include participants from multiple disciplines and include at least one student, faculty, or staff member from UGA. Congratulations to our new mini grant recipients!

Towards Analog I/O of Generative Art

Towards Analog I/O of Generative Art will introduce analog elements into the real-time creation of generative artwork through the use of a MIDI a robotic pen-plotter.

Project participants

Sudhan Chitgopkar, Computer Science
Gerasim Iliev, Mathematics

Unwearable Soundscape

Unwearable Soundscape will develop the use of piezoelectric transducers to create a large-scale musical instrument and an immersive form of music creation that can be both improved and composed for by future innovators.

Project participants

Grayson Pynn, Music
Jacob Robertson, Engineering

“Mate”, Materia and Materiales: Math, matter and materials, a bilingual elementary school STEAM project

“Mate”, Materia and Materiales integrates STEM and Art for bilingual elementary school students through fiber arts.

Project participants

Elizabeth Dubberly, Language and Literacy Education
Emma Scott, Art

Expression of the Superorganism

Expression of the Superorganism will explore art created by ants as a post-humanist aesthetic dimension of being, reframing perceptions of the creative spirit in the natural world.

Project participants

Jiayi Guo, Art Education
Horace Zeng, Entomology

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the Rabbit Hole is an opera composed and produced by a collaborative team of undergraduate and graduate students, based on Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland and directed by Abigail Head.