Mini Grants Fall 2023

Arts Collaborative Mini Grants support new creative interdisciplinary projects with mentorship and funding. Collaborative teams must include participants from multiple disciplines and include at least one student, faculty, or staff member from UGA. Congratulations to the new mini grant recipients!

The Tiger as “Protector” to the Tiger as “Destructor”

The Tiger as “Protector” to the Tiger as “Destructor” advances the role of Gond paintings in fostering dialogue around environmental injustice within biodiversity conservation programs. The project will explore the intricate relationship between the Gond Adivasis people of India and nature, with a specific focus on tigers and conservation actions imposed upon them. The project will serve as a powerful means to initiate meaningful discussions about environmental justice and the impact of top-down conservation efforts on indigenous communities.

Project participants

Amit Kaushik, Anthropology
Nancee Uniyal, Geography
Bhajju Shyam, artist

Rare Truth

Rare Truth is an entrepreneurial project to repurpose global sterling silver scraps for 3D-printed jewelry. Project participants will develop digital model designs and research about marketing, manufacturing, and collaborations with local artists with an emphasis on ethical and environmental sustainability.

Project participants

Rae Bumgardner, Art
Erin Faircloth, Art
Molly Maxwell, designer
Tij√°i Whatley, consultant