Organoids project earns awards

Congratulations to the Organoid project team, recipients of multiple awards to continue their collaborative research.

Project leader Nadja Keltner received an NSF CAREER grant for multi-year support of engineering next-generation adrenal gland organoids with arts-integrated methods.

Graduate assistant Christina James received an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, a five-year award to help ensure the quality, vitality, and diversity of the scientific and engineering workforce of the United States.

The project was awarded one of five Franklin College Rapid Interdisciplinary Proposal grants, responding to the need for new paradigms that shape future research, life-long learning, public discourse, service, and dynamic entrepreneurship.

Project participants

Nadja Zeltner, Center for Molecular Medicine, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Cellular Biology faculty
Martijn van Wagtendonk, Art faculty
Lohitash Karumbaiah, Regenerative Bioscience Center and Animal Diary Science faculty
Ramana Pidaparti, Engineering faculty
Breanna Urbanowicz, Complex Carbohydrate Research Center faculty
Maryn Whitmore-Mills
Alexander Bucksch, Plant Biology faculty
Eileen Wallace, Art faculty
Mable Fox, Engineering faculty

Christina James, graduate student in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
Samuel Horgan, graduate student in Art

The Organoids project is supported in part by the UGA Arts Collaborative to develop prototypes and arts-integrative methods to create organoids, three-dimensional cellular structures which are developed from pluripotent stem cells.