Scenes from the X-Ray Cafe, Vol. 1

2003-2004 ICE Project Grant
JoE Silva
Producer, WUGA’s Just Off the Radar

The first in a series of several CD compilations of local sound and digital media artists participating in regular performance events at the X-Ray Cafe.

The CD contains unreleased/exclusive tracks, multimedia elements and original artwork and will culminate in an annual performance event. Now available for purchase online at

Beginning in November 2003, several musicians producing experimental, ambient, and pop electronica in Athens, GA began holding monthly multimedia gigs at a local coffee shop owned and operated by Paul Thomas. As the shows grew in size and scope, the idea of taking a recorded snapshot of the events soon took hold. Laid down along with snippets of conversations and native ambience, Scenes From The X-Ray Café, Vol. 1 captures some of the vibe of those evenings by focusing on a few of the regular artists that made these performances special. Included herein are local ambient Gods (the Noisettes), the best kept pop secret in the city (Green Lawns), cut and paste wizards (Paul Thomas, Manipulated Sound Source), one psychedelic big beats lover (The QRM), and various sirens of abstract circuitry (MonkE, Felt Battery, Crunchifus). This first release also contains two specially produced Quicktime films, and a nifty Flash instrument for listeners to play along with. It’s as close to having been there as you can get without a TARDIS.