Sensory Overload Tech Conference


Sensory Overload Tech Conference
Thursday, March 26 and Friday, March 27
UGA Special Collections Library

Free and open to the public

Technologists, designers, researchers, engineers, sonification experts, and visualization masters all convene at the Slingshot Festival to demonstrate the expressions and understanding of Big Data + Data Perceptualization.


8:30 AM
Visualization Video Program

9 AM
Thomas E. Potok, Founder and Leader, Computational Data Analytics Group, Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Swimming in Big Data

10 AM
Samantha Joye, Director, ECOGIG; Professor of Marine Sciences, UGA
Assessing the ecosystem impacts of a deepwater blowout: collecting, interpreting and evaluating ecosystem-scale datasets to assess large scale environmental perturbations

11 AM
Panel: Real Big Data Applications in IT, moderated by Nikhil Srinivasan, Department of Management Information Systems, UGA

Gunnar Berger, CTO Desktops & Apps, Citrix
Micah Freedman, Director of UX, Integral Ad Science
Advertising in the Age of Big Data
Jeff Small, Technology Director, Atlanta, HUGE, Inc.
The Internet of Things – The Data Ramifications Of Everything Talking To Everything

1:30 PM
Bruce Walker, Director, Sonification Lab, Georgia Institute of Technology
Method and Meaning: Useful and Usable Sonification and Auditory Display

2:30 PM
Valery Vermeulen, Visiting Professor, Erasmushogschool Brussel
Interactive sound design and synthesis as an innovative tool for music composition and performance

2:40 PM
Live Data Sonification Performance
Mikromedas: Resynthesizing space and deep space in musical context


9 AM
Designer’s Forum: Data Visualization

Brad Tober, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design, University of Illinois
Algorithmic/Data Aesthetics
Annelie Berner, data artist and technologist, New Inc.(an art, tech & design incubator)
The New Museum
Looking at Data through One Lens
Zane Cochran, Interaction Designer, Founder, HackBerry Lab, Berry College;
PhD Candidate, Georgia Tech Interactive Media Technology Center
Pixi – Interactive Fashion & Interface
Kyle McDonald, Interactive Telecomunications Program (ITP),
Tisch School of the Arts, New York University

10:30 AM
JoAnn Kuchera-Morin, Director, AlloSphere Research Facility, University of California, Santa Barbara
Composing in N-Dimensions: Using the Creative Process as a Computational Framework for Unfolding Complex Systems

11:30 AM
Sensory Overload Data Perceptualization Competition
Presentation of Finalists and Awards