Teaching Art, Design, and Media in the Age of AI

Monday, January 8 at noon

As an a2ru member institution, UGA students, faculty, and staff are eligible for free registration and access to a2ru resources.

Presentations from the January 8 webinar “Teaching Art, Design and Media in the Age of AI” are available on the a2ru website. The presentations featured a variety of resources and activities to support faculty incorporating AI into their courses. 

The past year brought a tsunami of information about GenAI in the Arts, making is challenging to keep up for educators. What should Art, Design, and Media educators know about generative AI as they begin their Spring 2024 courses?

This webinar brings together educators, working artists, researchers, and technologists to provide actionable, concrete information on teaching in the age of GenAI.

What GenAI tools and techniques are important to know, even if educators are not using Generative AI in their courses?

How can GenAI tools bridge digital divide gaps?

How can educators encourage ethical and effective uses of GenAI?

What are syllabus policy wording options for encouraging responsible uses of GenAI?

The session will be moderated by Dr. Yvonne Houy, Editor, Tradition-Innovations in Art, Design, and Media Higher Education. The inaugural special issue of this new a2ru peer reviewed digital journal is on Artificial Intelligence and possible futures for the Arts.

Image created by Joshua Vermillion in MidJourney using one of the workflows described in his article in Artificial Intelligence and Possible Future for the Arts, the inaugural special issue of Tradition-Innovations in Art, Design, and Media Higher Education.