Webinar: a2ru Arts Data Project

An Update on the Arts Data Project at the University of Michigan: Insights and Opportunities
Wednesday, May 17 at 3 PM

As an a2ru member institution, UGA students, faculty, and staff may register for free.

This webinar is a follow up to Arts Data to Strengthen Casemaking: An Arts Asset Mapping Pilot Study at University of Michigan, presented in May 2022. Join this webinar to hear about the latest developments in this effort to determine standardized categories that can be used to measure the arts on campuses across the country; about challenges and opportunities the project presented; and about what’s next as we design future qualitative and participatory assessment phases of the project.

This project endeavors to map the full spectrum of arts assets for a large university to produce a report on formal and informal arts assets. The project also resulted in a model instrument and protocol (what we will call a “schema”) to deploy in later research stages to audit the broader arts landscape in higher education. a2ru designed this pilot project as part of the University of Michigan Arts Initiative. By establishing a foundation of core categories to measure the impacts of the arts, our schema will respond to needs such as those identified by the NEA Research Agenda—mapping the “state of the arts in higher education.” This schema will demonstrate the value of the arts, make clear how higher education arts assets lead to a unique skillset developed by students who study the arts, and how these skills benefit their lives, careers, and communities.