2003-2004 Project Grants Announced

Congratulations to the new recipients of 2003-2004 ICE Project Grants. A total of $16,500 was distributed in the form of partial support for six projects chosen by the ICE Selection Committee. The projects and lead applicants are as follows:

All Day and All Night (Kit Hughes), an interactive installation that explores the tenets of capitalism, marketing, technology, art on the primary framework of digital media.

E.L.I. Nomad (Christian Croft), E.L.I., or Electro-Linguistic Imaginator, is a mobile computer module that moves about unlikely environments speaking randomly generated poetry in exchange for new vocabulary words for his database. Through a series of public interventions, the E.L.I. artists will develop a documentary, website, and a book covering their travels.

Paradise Hotel (Cal Clements), Using Richard Foreman’s play, Paradise Hotel, as a framework for collaboration to bring together readers, actors, and artists in a series of performances. The play interrogates sexuality along philosophical and psychoanalytical lines and explores body-machine interactivity, the displacement of the subject, and the persistence of humanistic fantasies.

Scenes from the X-Ray Cafe CD Series (JoE Silva), the first in a series of several CD compilations of local sound and digital media artists participating in regular performance events at the X-Ray Cafe. CDs will contain unreleased/exclusive tracks, multimedia elements and original artwork and will culminate in an annual performance event.

Sporangium (Eric Marty), a collaborative sound and sculpture installation that envelops the viewer in a surreal environment of blood-red floral forms and ethereal, organic sound. The viewer/listener interacts with the visual-tactile-aural environment, stepping on rubber forms and influencing the sound through hidden sensors.

Temporary Excursions with a Relative Departure in Mind (Bala Sarasvati), a collaborative project that involves artists and performers from music, dance and art disciplines, joined together to create and present a performance featuring original choreography, stage design, and live renditions of Philip Glass compositions.

The projects were selected from eighteen proposals based on the following criteria:
– Intellectual and artistic merit
– Feasibility of the project under sponsorship of ICE
– Involvement of UGA students
-Extent of collaborative and interdisciplinary activity
– Degree of innovation
– Potential for future funding and development