Somos Pobres Pero No Hay Pobreza Aqui

2002-2003 ICE Project Grant
H. James McLaughlin
College of Education

A cross-cultural documentary chronicling the lives of three teachers in rural Mexico.

Somos Pobres Pero No Hay Pobreza Aqui (We Are Poor, But There Is No Poverty Here) is a digital video documentary that explores the educational system in rural Mexico through the lives of three sisters who are school-teachers in Xalapa, Mexico. The documentary was screened in June. The project strives to create a unique perspective on the issues of migration, language, culture and education in the United States and Mexico. H. James McLaughlin (Associate Professor of Education) was the project leader. The project includes videographer Kathryn Hammond (M.F.A. Drama), UGA students, faculty and recent graduates from Education, Drama and Art. McLaughlin and Jennifer McClung (graduate candidate, Foreign Language Education) are also supported by a Fulbright Fellowship, a Rotary International Teacher Grant and a Teaching and Learning Grant from UGA. The documentary is being distributed via Video CD to sensitize teachers, social workers, university faculty and students to the challenges faced in the educational process on both sides of the border.


Photography by John Bishop