2005-2006 Project Grants Announced

Congratulations to the recipients of 2005-2006 ICE Project Grants. Nearly $12,000 will be distributed in support of six projects chosen by the ICE Selection Committee. The projects and lead applicants are as follows:

Put It in the Scrapbook George Contini, Assistant Professor, Theatre and Film Studies

A multimedia theatre piece based on the life and career of Julian Eltinge. The project will incorporate new and archival video projections, animation, and other media in a narrative exploration of Eltinge, one of the most colorful characters in the history of the American stage and silent film. Professor Contini will play more than twenty-five characters in the solo performance, directed by Kristin Kundert-Gibbs, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Film Studies, in collaboration with Music Director/Arranger Rachel Townes, Adjunct Professor, Hugh Hodgson School of Music.

The Three-Layer Cake Tour Audrey Molinare, Erin Burke, and Danielle Benson, MFA candidates, Lamar Dodd School of Art

A series of three installations in private residences, transformed and opened to the public for interaction. Molinare, Burke, and Benson have been collaborating on large-scale installations during their studies in printmaking and sculpture. This project will extend their activity to three homes, selected by a “call for venues”, over a period of six months. The Three-Layer Cake Tour will incorporate traditional materials as well as sound, video, and sensor technology, resulting in public openings and DVD documentation of the events.

The Flock Tree Dr. Jason Cantarella, Associate Professor, Department of Mathematics

A sculptural installation that explores the idea of division and grouping using concepts from computer science. The project will represent a flock of birds in flight, suspended in space and organized as an octree, a data structure that indexes the distribution of objects in space. Dr. Cantarella will work in collaboration with Luke Hegel-Cantarella, a theatrical designer based in New York with extensive experience in designing and building on a grand scale.

Nuno No Odori Glen Kaufman, Professor, Lamar Dodd School of Art

A performance uniting dance, video, music, and costume in a set inspired by traditional maku, fabric walls used in Japan to mark special events or venues. Professor Kaufman will collaborate with Andrea Trombetta Allen, MFA, Lamar Dodd School of Art and a member of the Warehouse Collective dance studio in Athens, who will choreograph and perform the work in Spring 2006.

Interactive Virtual Actor Michelle Smith, PhD candidate, Theatre and Film Studies

A project to develop a prototype virtual actor who can interact with a live actor on stage. Smith will create 3-D computer models and an artificial intelligence framework for the virtual actor, and a wireless “acting glove” for a live actor to use to interact with the virtual actor. The project will support Smith’s dissertation research on granting agency to media on the live stage, and involve students and faculty in the Interactive Performance Lab at UGA.

Arbitrary Dialogue  John Crowe, BFA candidate, Lamar Dodd School of Art

Preliminary research and development of a multimedia performance exploring language and alienation. Crowe will begin the programming and planning of a performance in which actors perform in silence and audience members listen to different recorded dialogues on headsets. In addition to a call for scripts, the project will require the development of a multi-layered audio mix on a shared timeline.

The projects were selected from eighteen proposals based on the following criteria:
– Intellectual and artistic merit
– Feasibility of the project under sponsorship of ICE
– Extent of collaborative and interdisciplinary activity
– Degree of innovation
– Potential for future funding and development