ICE Open House: uses without objects

Wednesday, October 19 at 6:00 PM
ICE Room, Tanner Building Room 101
Poetry reading by O.B. Bassler and Patrick Fadely

Professor of Philosophy O.B. Bassler recently completed two volumes of poetry: ” The Plaster Years” and “In The House of Black Spaniards”. His work (poetic, critical, and mathematical) has been published in Pulse Berlin and The Annals of Scholarship. He is currently at work on a book on intrinsically large numbers, tentatively titled “The Long Shadow of the Parafinite”. Patrick Fadely is a BA candidate in Linguistics. After self-publishing a volume of “8 Poems,” he has started an extensive study of logical structures in lyric poetry.

The reading will be split into two apposite segments: the first part will deal explicitly and implicitly with the work of Marcel Duchamp, and will extend critically, poetically, and graphically a tenuous interpretation of what we may learn from his activity as artist and non artist. The second half of the program will center on the art of manifesto, and the possible permutations of “stance.”