Communion: Improvisation Workshop

Communion: Improvisation Workshop
A collaborative work uniting technology and the performing arts

Monday, March 22 at 6 PM
Dancz Center for New Music
Hugh Hodgson School of Music

Communion will be presented initially as a panel discussion and workshop, with plans to follow this first event with a performance in the Athens community. This project will present improvisational art through the collaborative efforts of musicians, performers, media creators and visual artists. Improvisational techniques in movement, music, theatre and visual arts collide in a single performative moment, in a shared environment, without prior rehearsal.

The workshop coordinator, Ji Eun Moon, hopes the attendees, presenters and performers will utilize this opportunity to explore and reveal what is possible when artists of disparate disciplines meet and allow chance and impulsive response to direct their mutual journey.

Speakers include:

Mirla Criste, Contact Theatre, Assistant Professor of Theatre and Film Studies
F. Tyler Burnet, Character and Clowning Improvisation. M.F.A. student in Performance
Jim McKillip, Jazz Improvisation. Member of Primetime Jazz ensemble

Each of the guest speakers offer a different specialty in improvisation and will present and discuss their practice as well as how they utilize improvisation as a creative tool. Following this presentation, attendees are invited to participate in a workshop experiment, in which we explore ways to combine these various improvisational techniques on the spot.

Attendees are invited to bring musical and percussion instruments, art and found objects, video and still cameras, theatre props and costumes, or anything that might contribute to our collaborative improvisational experiment.

For more information:

Ji Eun Moon
D.M.A Candidate in Music Composition
Graduate Research Assistant Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE)
The University of Georgia

Communion is supported in part by ICE.