ICE Grant announcement

ICE is pleased to announce the award of a Project Development Grant to “Exploring Student Development in the ‘Third Space’ Between Art and Engineering”.

This project is set in the context of an interdisciplinary studio for art and environmental engineering students and builds on work accomplished in the Synthesis of Engineering and Art for Innovative Education project that was funded under the National Science Foundation (NSF) Course Curriculum and Laboratory Improvement program. The work proposed here focuses on developing the theoretical concept of a third, interdisciplinary area of learning that emerges from, but transcends beyond the shared domains of art and engineering, a notion that surfaced as a new theme from the data collection and analysis in the NSF project. The work proposed under the ICE project aims at theoretically conceptualizing the idea of the third space to lead into the preparation of a proposal to empirically investigate this concept under the forthcoming NSF Fostering Interdisciplinary Research on Education program.


Joachim Walther, lead applicant
Assistant Professor, Faculty of Engineering
Nadia Kellam
Assistant Professor, Biological and Agricultural Engineering
Tracie Costantino
Assistant Professor, Lamar Dodd School of Art
Bonnie Cramond
Professor, Educational Psychology and Instructional Technology
Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development