ICE Graduate Research Assistants featured in exhibition

Distillate showcases innovative works at Future Tenant in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania from January 13 through February 4, 2012.

Distillate artists were challenged to investigate some properties inherent in growth, and to consider variants such as support structure, relationships between working components, and the values we assume in order to understand our world. The exhibition was curated by Meghan Olson and Kara Skylling.

The featured artists are Rachel Debuque with Tifany Lee, Becky Slemmons, Jaci Rice, Ashley Pixelle Andrews, Morgan Cahn, Wendy Osher, Anna E. Mikolay, Rob Katkowski, Aimee Manion, Rose Clancy, Joshua Space, Stephanie Armbruster, Carolyn Wenning, and Ryan Woodring.

The Brew House Association’s mission is to provide artists with the support necessary to foster invention, creation and collaboration, and to encourage creative risk-taking to pursuit ruthless artistic excellence. The Brew House Distillery Residency has helped emerging Pittsburgh artists for nearly ten years. These artists have investigated subjects that are significant in the support and proliferation of the arts in Pittsburgh and beyond. The mediums practiced by participating artists have included performance, video, sculpture, music, painting, printmaking and photography.

For more information about Future Tenant, please visit http://futuretenant.org.