Introduction to Research in the Arts

HONS 3010H: Introduction to Research in the Arts
Instructor: Mark Callahan, Artistic Director, Ideas for Creative Exploration (ICE)
Wednesdays, 1:25-2:15 PM

The Introduction to Research in the Arts seminar provides an overview of arts research, presents methodological models for sustaining research-based creative practice, and acts as a workshop for project development. The seminar will examine conventional and emerging forms of arts research, ranging from historical and critical studies to project-based works that address newer media and interdisciplinary approaches. Students will visit various areas of campus to become familiar with performance and exhibition resources at UGA and meet leading faculty and professionals who are conducting research in the Departments of Art, Dance, Theatre & Film Studies, English, Music, and ICE (Ideas for Creative Exploration). Students will be exposed to a range of models for creative practice based on visits with faculty, outside reading, and discussion.

Gateway Seminars are offered each Spring semester for one-credit-hour, graded A-F, and are available to all students. Access must be obtained through the CURO Office. Please call 706-542-4053 or email Matt Jordan ( for access.

About Center for Undergraduate Research Opportunities (CURO) Gateway Seminars

While students are often interested in pursuing research, they can be uncertain of what it means to do so. Before they can identify specific areas of research interest or faculty with whom they may work, many want to develop an understanding of the research process within an academic field. Moreover, they want to get a better sense of the current research in that field.

The CURO Gateway Seminars are offered with these students in mind.

Through these seminars, faculty and CURO seek to encourage undergraduates to understand the research process and discover tools to engage in research of their own. It is a fun and informative way to learn about research opportunities and resources at UGA.

Specifically, these seminars introduce students to what it means to conduct research in broadly-defined disciplines and help them identify potential faculty mentors with whom the student will continue research through CURO research courses.