Fulbright Seminar: Marie Porterfield Barry

Fulbright Seminar: Marie Porterfield Barry
Monday, October 22 from 12:20-1:10 PM
Moore College, Room 116

Attention all undergraduates and master’s students interested in Fulbright research grants for the creative and performing arts! UGA Fulbright alumna Marie Porterfield Barry (ICE Graduate Research Assistant 2008-10, MFA Art 2011), will be returning to campus to speak about her experience in Turkey and encourage other artists to consider applying for Fulbright to fund a year abroad.

For ten months in 2011-2012 as Fulbright student scholar, Marie Porterfield Barry lived in a small city in Anatolia studying the classical form of Turkish underglaze painted ceramics and initiating a collaborative public art installation with Turkish artists as a Fulbright Research Grantee in Creative & Performing Arts .

She will join us for pizza and tales of Ottoman master artists, ancient cities, and learning a foreign art in a foreign tongue. The UGA alumna will recount her Fulbright experience from the application to the adventure, offering advice to prospective candidates while sharing details of her life in Kuetahya, Turkey.

For a profile of Marie Porterfield Barry written prior to her departure, see http://honors.uga.edu/news/s_p/fulbright/porterfield.html

For more information on the U.S. Student Fulbright Program, see

Please direct any questions to Maria de Rocher, campus U.S. Student Fulbright Program Advisor, at derocher@uga.edu.