ICE-Vision: Black God, White Devil

3 Sept. 17 - Black God, White Devil (Rocha, 1964) Brazil

ICE-Vision: Black God, White Devil (Rocha, Brazil, 1964)
Thursday, September 17 at 6 PM
Lamar Dodd School of Art Room S150

Seen your share of European and American cinema? Want to check out films from the other 85% of the world’s population? Join philosophy major Thomas Finan as he explores movies produced outside of the Western canon.

“Just twenty five years old, Brazilian cinema novo force Glauber Rochawrote and directed this impressive feature addressing socio-political problems within his country – and indeed, anywhere it may apply. It is the 1940s, during another drought in the Brazilian sertao, when ranch hand Manuel is fed up with his situation. His boss tries to cheat him of his earnings and Manuel kills him, fleeing with his wife, Rosa… and so it goes, the two running from one allegiance to another, following the words of others as they attempt to find a place in their ruthless land. Blending mysticism, religion, and popular culture in this symbolic and realistic drama.” [Kristie Hasse]