Mobile Media Project

Kit Hughes “Tagging”


ICE and the New Media Institute (NMI) supported the collaborative development of four projects for handheld wireless devices in the Wireless Athens Georgia (WAG) zone in downtown Athens. Mark Callahan and Zane Wilson created an experimental interface called Latitude in a remote collaboration between Athens and Longmont, Colorado. Christian Croft (B.F.A., Digital Media) created a net artwork and performance that parodies the US Department of Homeland Security web site entitled Afterready. Kit Hughes (B.F.A. candidate, Digital Media) developed a project called Tagging that allows participants to draw virtual graffiti on locations within the WAG zone and collects the images in an online image gallery. Tara Rebele created an interactive hypertext-narrative project called Athens Wireless Escorts that explores social space and the handheld computer as fetish and companion. The projects were realized with the assistance of NMI students and faculty and premiered during the Go Mobile or Go Home wireless technology conference held in April, 2003.  

Christian Croft “Afterready”

Tara Rebele “Athens Wireless Escorts”

Mark Callahan and Zane Wilson “Latitude”